Tuesday, November 18, 2008

yesterday 18 November 2008

yesterday call jan and calene go shopping with me=]
they can go... fetch them at round 2 o'clock
reach jusco at 2++
eat alots lol fat d...
going to old town, kfc, mcd and baskin robins==
walk around wanna buy clothes but not suit..
so didn't buy it just buy a pair of shoe=D
then back at 7++pm....

picture taken before out...

hmmm...what im doing???lame

one eye open one eye close==
'mou gan tai'


me and jan Weeeee=X

HAHA XD what going on???

me and calene=]

hmm..calene talk about what people gossip them???
take 1

take 2...

eiei... i tell you don't...ZZzzz==

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