Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saturday 15th November 2008
hmm...quite a busy day...
11am go cousin house drink tea???( wedding)
hmm kind of chinese law??? following the traditional...
whatever hahax don't know how to say==
end up at 1++pm
headed to my grandma house
waiting my dad to fetch us together to penang
fetch my 3rd sister at hostel...
traffic jam at penang bridge hmm...because of marathon
everyone going early??? well penang bridge will colse at 2am...
i very regret that i didn't join marathon grrrr....
hopefully i can join next year=D
fetch up my sister going back to bm traffic jam again==
reach at home about 5++pm
dinner start at 7pm i just left 2 hours
hmm... some more need prepared my things....
wedding dinner is held at Sunway Hotel
there is some of the pictures=)

my daddy=]

my mummy=X

dad and mum

sister and me^^
take 1

take 2

take 3

and the last one is ME!
LOL ==

red wine..wanna have some???=]

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