Friday, November 14, 2008


My vacation at penang^^
hmm...a little bit bored
accompany my grandma cause she scare alone at house=.=''
just upload pictures here^^
lazy to write a lots of things^^
let's start=]
German or Turkey forget already==
the shop decorations quite nice^^
but is dark cant take a lots of picture there...
there is some of the picture that i took...

my sister^^


ICE-CREAM strawberry with chocolate???
actually i ordered vanila and strawberry==

mash potato abit comment of this haha XD
well the green thing vegetable*
very smelly and i dont like the taste...
the waitress ask me anythings problem of mash potato???
i was shy to say i don't like the taste...
but the second time she ask i told her that i don't like the taste and she ask wanna change
and i say nevermind it's okie^^
hmm... the workers is looking at me maybe im the first person who complain the mash potato i think oso=] hahaXD
so pai seh*

mushroom soup...

busy eating heeeee...

this dog such as a good dog=]
name pet pet??? or hmm.. somethings like this^^

my uncle blurr*

some pictures of the house=]

my grandma watching tv...

my sis hmm... what is she doing???

then my pictures=]

with grey colour lens....

ignore the hair pin==
cause im hot just pin up....

at toilet==

the room background=]


too brightttt........