Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today feel not well=[
sick again... cough'
this time don't know gonna sick until when...
last month cough just recover and now came back again=.=''
i don't want medicine some more now having exam...
so suffer....HATE SICK!!!
well another one is, jan blog was so many KPC people that's like to critics other people
don't know they are too free? or jealous her look more charming then them huh???
whatever then...but now got people who say them back=]
the person say until damn GOOD^^

At 3pm i suppose to be follow my dad go airport to fetch my aunty n uncle
who back from london...
but i lazy go^^ i change my mind in this morning...
do my revision better then din't do anythings at there and don't know what time im going back home because my dad like to drop me at grandma house for a longtime=.=''
at grandma house i cant do anythings also watch tv???sleep???eat???hmm.........
day by day time pass very fast... Jessie and Jan birthday also coming soon=]
that's what she said 'still long man' HAHA XD
what you want huhh???tell me^^
makeup stuff that you say??? biniki???hehex=)
what else???

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