Saturday, April 11, 2009


TODAY went to school study as usual...
after school back home actually suppose to go my math tuition???
hmm...but end up i didnt go???
i didnt go math tuition from the beginning of the year until now*
planned to go this month and every time said next month next month until now april???lolsss
ok then nevermind...5pm go tuition for my account end up at 7pm...
Janice came my house and we both prepared dress up...
then, my mum fetch us go auto-city Seoul Garden to celebrate Ker Xin's birthday=D
okayyy dont want to write too long here*

this the birthday girl:)
Ker Xin aka P Bird=X ( her idol)
i know her since kindergarden???
until now she still is my school mate and being my class mate about 9 years???
and became my schoolmate about 13 years lolssss....
i hope all of us which old friend???best friend???friend???lol whatever*
i hope that we keep in touch with each other no matter where we go...
is just like after this end of the year^^
me with the birthday girl=)
kah kah and me=)
counted 13 years friend too^^lolsss
amanda and me;-)
yuan the cute one and me=D
jia ying and me^^

haha XD
now is the turn with janiceeeeeee darl*
face become red=X
p/s- actually i dont know why my face become so red???
when i went to wash room and i look at the mirror i get shocked@@
why my face look so red???it's just like people who drunk=.=''

friends friends friendsXD
jan with calene
ker xin with jia ying=*
amanda with janiceker xin with janjia ying, ker xin and me=Djia ying, me and jan=*

amanda, me and jan jan=]]here's my dear calene aka cowz=X
yuan yuan^^

and me!=)

after Seoul Garden headed to me shop...
started to rain sienzz....
then take some pictures there;)

jan 1
jan 2 wow this pic is nice=)
anyway i i like this picture^^
end up at auto-city...
janice's dad fetch me back home...
reach home around 11 plus....
nothing to do and took some pictures^^
here we go....

the pose which i didnt use long time ago lolss...
janice said it's lala pose hahax*

at my messy room*

hmm... i'll end here lazy to write already...
the next day got study sienzzz
Saturday go school study???
lazy to go but i still need to go because exam year=.=''

the end


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nice photos! =]