Wednesday, January 7, 2009


SORRY for didnt update my blog for so long...
no time to update and kinda lazy also^^hehex
hmm.. well i'll just write about what i have done during my holidays=)
followed my mum to fetch my sister back to hostel again...
after that end up and fetch janice for having our lunch at old town???
hmm... although last time always go there eat until 'sienz' already but it's ok just meet her up
because after school holidays less meet already...
suddenly calne said she going to reach janice home soon???hmm...
calene coming with greg???lol omg that time i looks so***=.=''
okies nevermind then go old town together and craps there=)
after a few minutes calene and greg leave... so left me and janice
we both at there craps alots hahaXD then headed to lis shop... janice wanna past the lens...
headed to just 21???hmm... bought one dress there=)
janice's mum fetch us to her auntie's house WOW~ the baby so cute=)
reach home at 7++pm....


well...Christmas Eve kinda bored at grandma house....
nothing special...i just remember kinda bad moods that day=S
then suet choon ask go auto-city???at 11++???hmm... reach there it's almost 12...find his friends
err... i just know one of them=.=''
countdown???so bored there not enjoy at all also hahaXD i mean countdown*
then after that went to subway??? after eat back home....
reach at 1++ almost 2 ba if not forgotten....


wake up early at 8am??? prepared to go church... start at 10am??? tired... wear new dressXD err... with high heel???owhh damn pain my leg for standing when pray and ect...
morning is just end up like this^^


early in the morning 4.30am headed to Thailand??? with my parents and my dad's friends...
3 cars going... we went to krabi and hat more phuket because went before already^^
well it's a long journey headed at4.30am reach at 4.15pm???OMG
so damn tired but of cause i sleep at the car=)
i didnt sleep for whole night i mean 25*
Krabi 3days 2night

go out and walking around and have some dinner at6++
the food is nice=D but it's not suit for me because some is spicy and sweet...
why did i say so because i ate spicy and sweet after that feel not well=S
end for the evening and reach night the sky turns dark=.=''
at hotel bad thing happen to me@@
aikss... well my mum tired she fall asleep, my dad going out with his friends and me the only one who still awake=.='' and while im lying at the bed i heard a sound 'ling ling'
OMG i keep pray and pray until i fall asleep also???is quite near with me eWW*
arghhh~~~ i started scare@@ no one who wearing any bells??? but got bells sound??
after that went my dad back he knock the door and i wake up...i touch my head owW* pain...
feel like something heating me???=.='' pain for 2 or 3 days=(
so just dont care and impossible i'll heat anythings there because just pillow and blanked there...
so end up for this hotel....
going up next is hat yai.... this is better=)
i stayed at lee gardens hotel=D
also got thing happen to me but this is err... dont know how to said...=.=''
i fall down at the bath room! arghhh~ hahaXD i also dont know what happen so careless...
stay there for 1 night and i back to penang at 29th....
bought some clothes and make-up stuff=)
not much special=D

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