Tuesday, December 2, 2008

saturday beach day!!! lolzzz 29th November 2008

weeeeXD actually im damn tired cuz last night slp at 2++am and wake at 7.30am...
prepared and online awhile=]
asked my sis to wake and awhile ago my dad have waked by my mum...
waiting they prepared so damn tired...
actually i have ask jan and calene come together with me to beach but then jan cant cuz...*
so nevermind i don't mind anythings=]
start our journey at 10++ reach there around 11am already...
first reach there don't know what to do and i don't even know them... lols
so just mix with my sister walking here and there is kinda damn BORED!!!
after that start join up a guy name Yu Xiang and two girls there play
big 2.5 seems we are so bored...
playing cards for whole day???oh gosh
until 6++pm started join them play volley ball=D
it's damn FUN!!!
reach at night have some bbq and play cards again???
lalala~~~forget about it^^
started chit chat...
meet some new friends there=] friendly though^^
after that i called my mum and jan=]
i told jan what that i did for the whole day hahaXD
she was like why you didn't told me got so many things to play with???
i answer her actually i also don't know LOL =.=''
sorry jan=]
that's for all for my saturday=]
have fun there and miss you guys at there^^

on the way...

reach there nothing to do so just take
some picture=]

my name=.=''

started take picture of mine..lala=D

play cards until sleep???

my sisterrrrrr..........

me and my sis

night time...
dark huhh???

at the early in the morning...
actually im waiting the sunrise
my dad rush wanna go back home arghhh!!!
lucky i have take some picture before i went back=]
here it's...

didn't slp the whole night until 7++
when reach home im the first one who straight away go into my bed room
because it's damn tired....
END up here...

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